Coronavirus: Important Notice!

As if tax time was not challenging enough . . .

Many of my clients and prospective clients are very concerned about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The risks are real, and people should take precautions. However, it also important to act based on good information and to try not to react to rumor or fear mongering.

Some of the most reliable information available is from the various states’ departments of health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This link to the CDC website has good instructions about how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you are sick,  There are also resources on The US Treasury also has information.

If you are worried about your taxes and have heard that the IRS is going to offer tax relief, the best source of information is the IRS website page on the topic.

But what about getting your taxes done if you don’t want to leave the house?

No problem. I am set up to work with my clients remotely. If you prefer not to come to my office, you can upload your tax documents into a convenient portal or mail them to me. There is also a mail slot in the door to Suite 202. I will be happy to consult with any client over the telephone instead of meeting in person. If these arrangements do not work for you, give me a call, and we can figure something out.

Claim Your Federal Tax Refund or Lose It

The IRS reports that unclaimed refunds from 2014 may total about $1.1 billion. An estimated million taxpayers did not file a 2014 tax return and may be due a refund. Are you one of them? You have until Tuesday April 17. The median refund amount is $847.

Taxpayers generally have three years to file and claim a refund.

See your professional tax preparer. For more information, check out this article by the IRS.