Common Forms for Tax Returns

With the season for filing taxes underway, taxpayers are busy going through their mail looking for the documents they need to prepare their taxes. One way of figuring out the documents that you need is to review your returns from last year. If your returns were prepared by a CPA or other professional last year, then your preparer should have sent you an organizer or checklist.

Here is a list of some of the documents that you may need to prepare your tax return.

FormWhat It Reports
1095Form 1095 contains information related to the Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance) There are several varieties of this form depending on who is reporting.
1098This form reports mortgage interest. It may also include property tax if that is paid through an escrow account.
1098-EDo you have a student loan? This form will report interest.
1098-TYou will need this form if you paid tuition of received reimbursements, scholarships, or grants.
1099-BThis form reports securities transactions.
1099-CYou will receive this form if you had debt that was forgiven. Forgiven debt is considered income.
1099-DIVDividends, capital gains, and some other distributions
1099-GGovernment payments are reported on this form. This includes unemployment compensation and state or local tax refunds.
1099-INTInterest income
1099-KCredit card payments. You will receive these if you accept credit cards for payments.
1099-LTCPayments under a long-term care insurance contract
1099-MISCRents, Royalties, prizes, awards, non-employee compensation, attorney’s fees, and substitute payments
1099-RRetirement plan and pension distributions including IRAs
1099-SThis form reports information about real estate sales
1099-SADistributions from an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA
5498This family of forms reports fair market values or contributions for IRAs (including SEP, SIMPLE, and Roth IRAs), Coverdell and ABLE accounts, and HSAs, Archer MSAs, or Medicare Advantage MSAs
SSA-1099Social Security Payments
W-2Wages. This includes sick pay and benefits.
W-2GDid you hit it big at the casino or race track? W-2Gs report gambling winnings